About Us

A passion for painting began at an early age for Bob. As he grew up watching his grandfather create paintings for the family, Bob began to imitate his work. As his interest and creativity grew, he quickly found art to be a means of relaxation. Over the years he developed an interest in capturing real people doing what they do, as well as the beauty of the ‘low country’ and dunes. Bob has been fortunate enough to spend private time with John Carroll Doyle in Charleston and his influence will always be present in Bob’s work. Other prominent artists he has worked with are: Carol Trotman of Kitty Hawk, NC and John DelaVega, a renowned portrait artist. Bob paints in his home studio in Bluffton, SC and displays many of his works there. Bob does the creative and artistic work and Debbie is the communications voice and shipping coordinator.

He also has several paintings owned and displayed by an Outer Banks regional bank, local real estate offices and most recently in the Historical Society Museum in the town of Lakewood, NJ where he grew up.

While art has always had a huge place in Bob’s heart, it hasn’t always been his main focus. His entire adult life was devoted to business ownership and management, including: banking, marine dealer/builder, and mortgage banking.

He received his BBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and his MBA from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Bob is married to Debbie Walker, his wife of 48 years.